Directions to Professional Elegance Beauty Salon
Professional Elegance Beauty Salon is situated main High Street of Northampton   Town Centre,
on the opposite of central Library and next to the left hand side of Co- 
Operative Bank. If you still can't find us please call 01604  315  484 we will guide you to us.

  1. Directions from North (Back side of the salon), (Northampton Borough Council) Wellington Street Car Park, NN1 3AS  (2-3 Minutes walk)
  2. Directions from South (Front side of the salon), Riding Car Park, St Giles Street,  (3-4 minutes walk)
  3. Directions from East, St. Michael’s Car Park,  (3- 4 minutes walk)
  4. Directions from West, Grosvenor Centre Car Park,  (5- 6 minutes walk)